July 6, 2014

Refurbishing Polystone Urns with Spray Paint

Hello everyone. 
I hope you are surviving this summer heat. 
Here in south central KY it is hot and steamy.
Lake Cumberland water levels are up this year...and the boats are out there too.

When the temps are like this outside...I slow down and don't get much work done. 
I take advantage of the lazy hazy days of summer, and let that be my excuse. 
I like the provencal approach...slow and easy. 

Today, I thought I would show you a project that I had been putting off for some reason. I should have done this project a couple of months ago.... But...things get rescheduled. 

Last week I finally managed to paint my older Target black urns. They are several years old and the black paint began chipping off of the polystone. I knew that I wanted to spray paint them because I still like them, but I was not sure which kind of spray paint to use. There are so many out there in "paint" land. 

With such a large selection from which to choose.....you have to pick a brand, a color, a finish, and then read reviews. All I wanted to do was repaint my urns. The more choices you have, the harder it is to decide the best product.

I went to the spray paint aisle and began reading the cans. I decided to go with Krylon Fusion in a satin finish. It had good reviews and I reached the point where I just picked one and then left...with four cans. I did not want to have to drive back, and if I needed to spray anything else I would have plenty of paint. Black is my decorating color...so having some extra is not a problem. 

 Hubby did a nice sanding job on my urns to prep them for the paint...so I was ready to begin. 

I put plastic in the yard and began spraying my urns...holding the can about ten inches from the urns most of the time. To make sure I had good coverage...I went back and resprayed two more coats. The can says that the paint dries in fifteen minutes. I did not time it...but the urns were dry and ready to respray after 30 to 35 minutes. This meant that I did not have to stretch out the painting over two or three days. yea!

I am so pleased with the satin finish on my urns!
I have a couple of more things to spray paint black now that I know I like the finish. I am even thinking about painting the old table from above. It is an old rickety thing that was moved out of the garage over the weekend...after hubby installed metal shelves. yea! I was glad to have that table ejected if it meant more organization in the garage.

Back to the urns and paint...here is a picture of the can in case you want to find this. (I have no affiliation with Krylon. I was not paid to say what I said. I am just pleased with this product and wanted to share with you.)

While the can says "no sanding or priming" my urns were sanded and wiped off...there was no priming. I am so happy this job is done. Now on to the next one!

These photos show the satin finish nicely I think. 
Also...the black is a nice black. Some black paints can lean blue/green/grey/etc. 

The urns look so nice that I kind of hate to put dirt and water in them!
I will keep you posted on how well the paint performs.
While we are outside, take a look at my old table that just came out of the garage.

Give me a table...and I will try to style it. 

Since the table will be on the back porch this summer I though I could turn it into a serving table for beverages or snacks. I am thinking it needs to spray painted black also!  What do you think? 

This is not a fine table...so I will not be ruining it if I paint it. I bought it second hand for a few dollars several years ago.  I had it in our sun room at the larger house. I would put cute little vignettes on it....as well as a laptop and printer. It has been a very useful table.  I wish it were a fine antique...as I love it. 

I brought my large wire urn outside. It is very rustic and so it works fine outside. I purchased this wire piece in a design shop in Lexington a few years ago. While it is very rustic I have used it on various cherry tables in my house and it looks good...something about contrasts is attractive.  The top is removable, which allows me to put different fillers inside. The pine cones are left from the winter. Sometimes I put paper maché fruit in with the pine cones. Sometimes I put Christmas ornaments in it. While it does not follow my normal love of traditional and federal style...this farm looking object suits me.

I placed the orange tray on the top of the table in order to have a smooth surface for a pitcher and glasses. The wooden top has separated and is uneven. Yep, it is rickety!

Bringing the old table to the porch caused me to reshuffle the rockers, rug, and dining table and chairs. I moved the table and chairs out to the uncovered section of the porch/patio and put the umbrella up for shade. 

I moved the rug and rockers away from the edge of the porch and away from rain that was splashing onto the wooden rockers.

Son gave those rockers to  his Dad, so they are special. 
They have U.S. Army medallions set into the wood.

Unfortunately I have two more bushes that have fallen victim to dogs. Once one dog uses the bush as a fire hydrant...it becomes a contest in the neighborhood of who can leave their mark!  (As of this post the bush has now been removed.)

This is the narrow end of the porch...and a perfect place to relax and feel the breezes.

The picture below is the view from my back porch. Such a pastoral view makes the back porch a wonderful place to relax. I have survived the days of kids at home in the summer and playing life guard at the pool in the back yard. Oh yes I remember the in and out the door a hundred times a day. I remember fixing the countless snacks and meals. I remember trying to enforce the summer reading list. I remember taking my kids to various camps...and the call from our son late one night after he had been eaten alive with mosquitoes...which ended in a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics due to infection. Oh yes...been there done allof that. These days I can just relax in the summer. I can "plop" and "sit a spell" if that is what I want to do. Or I can jump in the car and run out for sewing supplies if I want.

Yes, I have survived being a mommy...and now I have an empty nest. The little birdies have flown their separate directions and I am so proud of them. But...I like it when they come back to the nest and stay for awhile. I look back at the whirlwind of those many years and and cannot believe it has passed. However...I still remind my grown children (daughter and son) that they still my kids and that I am still their mom. I claim mother status and all the rights that go with the title. ha!

I am now enjoying the opportunity to teach French,  to decorate my new home, to write and blog, as well as to have free time with my now retired hubby. He had a very demanding/stressful job where he was on duty pretty much 24/7 except for two weeks a year when he had someone fill in for him. We have freedom!

It is all good!  We have many seasons in our lives. Enjoy each one. Those kiddies leave the nest and move away. Now we are parents to a golden retriever...who requires lots of emotional maintenance! ha. If you are familiar with the breed, you know what I mean. But then...he provides emotional support for his family. It is all good!

Thanks for visiting...and I hope you visit again soon.

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