July 25, 2014

Making Another Shower Curtain

I made another shower curtain this summer!

I have had this Thibaut fabric in my stash and finally decided to decide what to do with it. I considered pillows. I also considered a bed skirt. Decision made. A shower curtain! 

This fabric is the same as my custom drapery fabric in the master (see above)...except that I found these yards in a fabric store that sold bolt ends, etc. I found one small flaw in the fabric...but I purchased a few yards anyway. This price was much better than my designer drapes.

The most difficult part of this project was matching the pattern to join the two panels. I had two panels of 52 inch wide fabric. My goal was to have a 9 ft. tall curtain...up to the ceiling. I had to drop it some due to the crown. I added in about 8 inches on the bottom, for two 4 inch hems. I added about 4 inches to the top for two 2 inch hems. You can adjust your length as you wish...but I do suggest that you keep the top and bottom hems the two inch and four inch sizes. 

I sewed small brass half inch rings onto the top hem of the curtain (about every 8 inches). I found the very small rings in the drapery department of Joann's fabric store. They are the kind you find to sew onto tiebacks to attach to a wall hook. The rings are about 1/2 inch or smaller. They  need to be small enough that they do not slip over the large part of your decorative shower curtain ring/clip. I know...this is fuzzy math, but if you have any sewing experience just read between the lines and substitute any hardware that will work. 

If you can make button holes, that would be an option instead of using the small brass rings. Also...grommets would work if you can install those. 

Instead of hanging this curtain to block the shower from view... I opted to pull it back with a swoop. I will try this for a few days and see if I like this better than full coverage and pulling it back and forth. 

I am liking the pulled back look for the moment. 
I wanted to add some fabric to the master bath in order to soften the look.

I made inverted box pleats at the top of the curtain... but they do not really show with the natural pleating that occurs when pulling the curtain back.

I need to put the suction cup somewhere else. 
It is for my shower cap...and not pretty now that I have the curtain.

This is a decorative shower curtain...since there are full glass doors that control the water splashes. At first I wanted to hide the shower, and I had the fabric, so I decided to make a full curtain. Now, I like the swag. Everything is a work in progress. ha!  I will need to make a tieback to hold the curtain...because a ribbon is holding it right now. I already have the brass rings for those. I just have to get on the ball and make it. 

The wall paint is Sherwin Willliams Hearts of Palm. This is the second house in which I have used this color. I love it. It would be a great beach house color too!

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