July 31, 2014

Fluffing Flowers and Rooms

Fluffing Flowers and Rooms

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Is it because I know that the semester will start very soon and I have lots of things to still accomplish this summer + prepare for new French class students that I am in a push right now?  Or is it just the anticipation of the change of seasons? Could it be that I was in slow gear all summer and now realize that I failed to get some things done. I am in semi-retirement mode professionally speaking, 
so there is the sense that I can do "it" tomorrow. Ooops. I have to get cracking so to speak! 

I do not want summer to end...but it seems when the school bus runs in my neighborhood and I prep my syllabus ... that summer is just OVER. I am on a countdown and I have lots of things to do. The only thing is...it seems that the more I have tried to accomplish this week the slower I have been accomplishing anything. 

I have had silk arrangements waiting on me all summer to fluff and redesign them. Here is the first one. By now you know what I do to flower arrangements that have started to droop. I pull everything out and then mix and arrange new stems. Enter pink peonies. This arrangement was looking sad...so I needed to do some surgery and add in some fresh stems to perk it up a little. 

I took this picture in the dining room because of better light. We are headed to the master bath though. 

Last week I showed you the new curtain that I made for the shower enclosure. I am continuing to fluff the master bath...and I have taken some of my blue and white pots in there... for a change. Click here if you missed that post.

The color of the flowers changed because of the yellow vanity lights. There is no window in this bathroom...though I wish that there were one.

 I wanted to try the blue flower pot and deep pink peonies in the room to perk things up a bit. While I love the green...it was somewhat monochrome. 

The half wall hides the WC. 
I have thought of adding tall wooden shutters 
up to the ceiling for more privacy. 
We shall see. 
I have other more important projects. 

This small candlestick lamp makes a great nightlight. 

In time...I will show you another pretty corner in the master bath. Please check back so that you do not miss it. 

When we bought our new house we added the curvy Delta faucets, as well as the Ballard's mirrors over the sinks. I added chrome knobs on the vanity drawers also to carry out the shiny theme. I know that there are many different finishes on the market, but I decided to go with the traditional chrome. I just like it. (The paint is Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm.) 

I began a sewing project this week...and I will share that with you when it is finished. I have been looking at several "drop cloth" creations, so I decided to purchase one and give it a try with my idea. I have little projects started here and there and I have been jumping from one thing to another. I am going to get my head straight and move forward with my creative projects. 

Little by little I will get my house tasks done...now that I feel a sense of urgency! School days will be upon us soon. Some of the public schools in my area will begin in a week or two. Yikes!  My college begins classes later in August so I have a little time to prep. But not a lot. :-)

Also...I plan to start up Friday French lessons on the blog in September, so get your pens and note pads ready. Or, perhaps start a file on your computer or jump drive to save lessons and make notes. :-)

Thanks for visiting. 
I hope you come back again soon.  

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