July 15, 2014

Back to Normal & Kentucky Pics

Hello everyone!

This just a short message to let everyone know that I have all of the blog feeds updated and that everyone should be receiving My Kentucky Living posts as they are posted.

Mad Mimi seems to be back on track after my working with their support team for most of a morning.

Bloglovin seems to be back on track and has refreshed and posted the missing blog posts from the last few weeks.

FeedBurner never glitched as far as I know.

If you ever have a week where you do not receive My Kentucky Living please contact me asap.
I will get right on the issue to see what happened !

It seems that in the blogging world the maintenance of feeds is a constant issue/worry. I am not a techie for sure! My motto is "technology is wonderful...when it works! "

This picture shows the trail that Daniel Boone took from North Carolina up into Kentucky. I live west of that last red dot in Kentucky. If you are familiar with Interstate 75 you probably know where London, KY is. This map also shows where Cumberland Gap is located...the doorway into Kentucky through the mountains.

In a previous post I talked about how so many old Kentucky towns have old historic court houses at the town center. I ran across this picture of the old court house and square in my small town that someone took while the snow was blowing. Look at that architecture! They just don't make buildings like this any more. This courthouse was replaced by a newer judicial center...and the old court house is sitting and waiting to be used and occupied by someone and something.

This last picture is the historic federal house...
My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown, Ky. 
This house is open to the public for tours. 

I hope you have a great day...and Happy Blogging /reading!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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