July 6, 2014

Accessorizing with Orange Pillows

Hello everyone. 
I hope you have had a good weekend...catching up with family and friends. 

I was in Lexington, KY and visited a store that turned out to have exactly what I have been looking for. Orange Pillows!  I was initially looking for orange pillows to go in my black wood rockers that are sitting on the back porch on an orange outdoor rug. 

The pillows that I found are not outdoor pillows...but I grabbed them all the same. They are a cotton velvet and have found a place in my parlor where I think they look great.  Orange is my color of choice for summer...and it will also be great for the fall months. So...the orange pillows are good to 
go until Christmas colors appear. 

Initially I was going to put these coral/orange pillows on the dark leather sofa in the great room. However after trying them on the white summer looking sofa...I decided to let them rest here for a while. The black wool rug has shades of muted orange in it...so I am good to go with that match. 

As I process and style a room...I begin with the floor, then the walls. When we bought this house I already had my rugs...and I knew which rug would be going into the parlor. I also knew that the rug would work with BM Westminster Gold...because I used the rug in a gold room before.  The small black wool rug has lots of colors. The fruit in the bowl also has shades of orange and coral. Another match. The large black needlepoint pillow also has some muted shades of orange/rust. That works too. So far...I am liking this colorful "summer" look that began with the new pillows. A room's 
accessories can just make a look have that WOW that we like. Watch what happens below when I add in one one more orange item.  

You may be thinking I have gone too far pulling in a large blue and white vase to sit in front of those orange pillows. I see the punch. And I believe I like it. I think you can do a few more "punchy" things in the summer. What do you think? I have had a few people comment that they like the blue against the orange as it really pops! We will just go with it for a while. You know I change my table tops a lot! :-)

Here is the extra orange item....my over sized candlestick (which needs a candle.) Do you see all of the shades of coral and orange support each other?

If you look to the upper right of this picture you see a flower arrangement that has some orange puffs.  While the picture it is under has some orange, yellow, blue, and purple. I try to always make sure that colors repeat themselves some where in the room.  And...speaking of color, and my crazy use of it, don't forget that I have two plum floral chintz chairs in this room. Guess what?...there are a few specks of orange, as well as green, purple, and blue. I understand that for a professional designer the approach is probably different from my "free style" start with a few basic items you know will be in the room plan...then look around the house for colors that can play supporting actors in your room drama. I have been using my formula for many years...and it works for me. Let me know what method you use in building a pretty room.

I will probably edit a few things off of this coffee table...so please come back to see what I will be up to in the nest post. Maybe I will bring more blue and white for the coffee table and orange pillows.

I am so loving my new orange velvet pillows...and thinking of different places in the house where they can be used....Maybe the master bedroom with its greens...and muted rust wool rugs. I will be sure to take pictures to show you.

I also think that if a person has a neutral home...it is ok for them to add in simple pops of color for the season. In the end...if it is your home, and you love your colors...that is all that is necessary. Our homes should be places where our souls and bodies recharge and renew. Use the colors that nurture you and your family.

There are studies about the psychology of color...and how it can be used in learning environments. I feel that those applications would be good for family homes as well. Bedrooms should be restful colors. Kitchens might be a good place for brighter colors...depending on how you feel about mornings, etc.

I have learned that we should pick our colors depending on whether the room gets morning light or afternoon light.

And of course...rules can be broken, as I have done. :-)

Are you ready for some orange pillows in your house? If you are using any orange in your house this
summer...please leave a comment and tell us all about it. I hope to hear from several of you!

Have a great week, and thanks for visiting!

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