June 20, 2014

Summer Lunch for Two on the Porch

Lunch outside is a European tradition. If you look into lunch in France or Italy, you will see some table settings that go from basic to over the top. But for family dining, it is usually a modest affair that lasts a couple of hours. 

When I lived in France as a student, my "family" had an outdoor wooden table set under the vine covered logia. The elderly papa (in his nineties) spent most of his day on the logia...so he was ready when one of his unmarried middle aged daughters served lunch to him. It was a very modest area, but the view of his gardens and the city of Aix-en-Provence was priceless. Those two hour lunches on our campus (when everything shut down) let me walk home for my little lunch. Other times we American students would find a small bistro, and do what the French do so well, sit..relax..eat...and watch people on the Cours Mirabeau.

While I do not have a Provencal view from my porch...I do have a wooded area behind my house which offers nice view from the back porch. It is so pretty and relaxing, and a great place for a summer afternoon déjeuner.

If you have the time to stop and slow down for an outside lunch, give it a try. 
When school begins again in August I will not have the time, so I am trying to take advantage of some slow time now. The summer slips away so quickly!  Enjoy!

For the details...
I used black straw placemats to go with the rocking chairs and the dining table and chairs.  
The orange pulls from the outdoor rug under the rocking chairs.
The flowers have orange and yellow, I have bright yellow napkins (but I could use some orange ones.)
The tablecloth is a white RL paisley...70 inches round.
The plates are Mikasa, countryside Italian.
The flatware is Oneida stainless.
The candles...I don't use during the day, but the tray and candles stay out for evenings also. The small blue votives are tag...from who knows when, but a long time ago. The hurricaine was purchased as part of a pair, but the other one broke during one of the moves. It has a pretty sparkle at night.

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