June 19, 2014

Summer in the Parlor

For my new readers, the Parlor is affectionately known as the "mama cave." I have my own small
room in the house that guys never step into...except for Mikey. This parlor has a white sofa, cd player,
 small tv hidden in the armoire, and generally looks like a ladies room instead of a masculine tv/media room. So, with that explanation out of the way...let's take a look.

I decided that since it is summer I wanted to make the room have a touch of summer. Ideally I would have some white slipcovers for the chintz covered chairs...and maybe in time I can have some made.

I brought in a few white items and such to lighten up the room. Sometimes just a few small additions, or changes can affect the mood of a room.

I also brought in a silver tray to help reflect the light colors. The dark cherry table sits on a black wool rug...so using items with reflective qualities helps to lighten up things a bit. I looked around the house to see what I could put in the room to loosen up the formal vibe.

I put sand in the bottom of the vases to help them sit straight. Plus, the sand catches wax drips which are hard to clean off of glass.

My small white pottery bird seems like a garden accessory...so that lightens up the mood a little too.

I brought my shell centerpiece into the room to try on the coffee table. Too many candles in one place?  Maybe.

I switched out the shells for a bowl of paper maché fruit. I think I like this better. The gold in the pears goes nicely with the gold pillows and gold wall paint.

I still have a couple of wool needlepoint pillows on the sofa, but hopefully the linen pillows balance them off for the summer months. If I can find some cotton or linen pillows in black I will switch them out. Wool just does not work in hot, sticky Kentucky summer weather.

I moved the shell centerpiece to the tilt top table. I will leave it here for awhile, until I get the inspiration to move it to another place. It is a constant shuffling of items in my house.  :-)

I like the way the wavy glass reflects light in the room.

There you have it...just a few small changes can make your room look more summery. Look around your house to see what you can do to lighten up things a little for summer. And if you live in the south...you need things that can make you feel cooler in this hot summer weather.

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