June 11, 2014

Summer Centerpiece

Summer Centerpiece 

I have this great glass hurricane. I do not think I have shown it to you before.

At the time I purchased it I had never seen one exactly like this....and still have not.
I originally bought it for Christmas, but then found so many other uses. I can decorate it for any season, or reason. It is very stable which is good if you are using fire, i.e. candles.

This hurricane is about twelve inches across...and it has a glass cup made into the bottom to hold a pillar candle. I usually put salt in the cup to help the candle sit level..and not wobble.

For this look I picked up some chipped shells. I intended to purchase a bag of sand, but since I love shells I decided to go with the chipped shells for my "beach" base.   (Also...I do not have a craft room. So, I end up doing many crafty things in either the kitchen or back porch. You will see my sugar bowl soon.) 

I am also loving the color orange this season...so I wanted you to see my seven dollar purchase from TJMx. (Remember my orange outdoor rug?)
After my layer of chipped shells, I began layering my collected Hilton Head shells. I started collecting shells every time we went to the beach. Some are from Sanibel, some from Amelia, but most are from Hilton Head. 

Since this beach themed hurricane does not have much color, I decided to try different ribbon colors. I tried ivory, but not enough color for me. I found a roll of May Arts green ribbon in a box...so I went with that. For the fourth of July I will probably use red and blue accents. Many of my centerpieces come together when the idea pops into my head...last minute.

I will probably put this candle/hurricane creation on the coffee table...or maybe on the back porch dining table...It will move around as I need it.

The small green chair was something we had in our vacation house at the beach. It does not really fit in my Kentucky home...but for summer it is ok.

I can see making this same type of candle decoration using a large canning jar.  Put sand in the bottom of the jar. Put a candle/votive into a small jelly jar. Put the small jelly jar/glass down into the sand.  Add a few shells on top of the sand...and, Voila. Just use your imagination.

Be sure that you do not add anything flammable inside the jar with the candle.         I know this seems natural...but I need to say it in words.

What are you doing for summer centerpieces this summer? Do you have a cutting garden and make
vases of flowers? Do you have something special that you use each year? Do you make last minute decorations like me?

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My Kentucky Living

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