June 28, 2014

Meet My Pig, Miss Petunia

Just for fun...
 Meet Miss Petunia

She found her way to my house...after a few visits to the Cracker Barrel.

I spotted her ....but just kept walking by. 

I sure did not need another item. But I kind of wanted her.

We were in Somerset over the weekend and we ate at the Cracker Barrel. I spotted the cute pig again.  My crush was till there. On the way out I asked the sales lady if they had a pig in a box. 

She said, "No, this is the last one." 
I took the bait...and the pig came home with me.
What is it about pigs and kitchens, besides the obvious "bacon, ham, sausage?"

A winged pig has additional meaning to me as a teacher.

I use the term "when pigs fly" to teach my French language students to be aware that the meanings of words and phrases are not always what the words say. i.e. be careful about translations, and online translators.

 My example, when pigs fly... does not have anything to do with a flying pig, but rather with the lack of possibility of a pig flying.... "something is not going to happen."  Not Happening! Never! 
If you throw some attitude into the phrase...well, you get the idea. (The not so hidden meaning behind "when pigs fly.") 

I remember being a small kid and seeing a large cutting board type pig in my mother's pink and grey 1950s kitchen in Danville. 

I have seen weather vanes with flying pigs too. I am not ready to do that just yet!

Somewhere in a box I have a French "cochon" chef. I put that one away so I did not have too much stuff on my kitchen counters...and then I bought another pig. What can I say? We do these things.

Look at her profile. Isn't she cute!

I kept thinking of what to name her...yes, I decided it was a girl pig.I played with names...then hubby suggested Petunia, 
as in Porky Pig's girlfriend (from the old cartoons.)

I liked his suggestion. She is now Miss Petunia.

Next I decided to dress her up a little with a bright pink bow. The thought of putting some pink lipstick on her crossed my mind...
but you would think I am nuts if I did that. 
I do care what you think of me. :-)

Here she is all dressed up in her pink bow. 
Would It be silly if I gave her a different bow for each holiday/season?

Yes...I know that this is a silly post.
But, I want you to see my cute little pig that I waited for (about three months) before I plunked down those dollar bills on the Cracker Barrel counter.

When I look at her...I smile. So, there you have it, my no impulse purchase. Ha!

I had to wait until I heard the words "last one" before I made the decision.

I only hope that she will inspire me to cook more...spend more time in the kitchen.

So, here is Miss Petunia...my kitchen charmer. 
I have heard of kitchen witches. But, I have a kitchen pig. 

I repeat...I know that this is completely silly.
But, once in a while we need some "silly" in our day. 

Well, maybe we need some "silly" in each and every day. Let's go with that. 

Do you have any special "décor" for your kitchen? 

Do you by any chance have a winged pig in your kitchen? 

Someone please tell me yes! 

Thanks for stopping by.

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