June 2, 2014

Lunch on the Porch

Lunch on the Porch

In the summer... 
We dig in the dirt. 
We walk around the yard. 
We pour a glass of sweet tea with lemon and “sit.” (I have heard this referred to as “porching” in the south. Yes...it's a verb.) 

I live in a neighborhood where most of the houses have front porches, but I have not seen people use them like folks did in the old days. 

Most of the houses also have back decks too. It seems that this is where folks tend to “hang out.” And I include myself in this category. It seems that we feel more comfortable on the back porch in flip flops or bare feet while reading, eating, or napping in a chaise longue. Eating on the back porch seems more acceptable also. :-)
spring tablescape
I took the long way around to tell you about my Sunday afternoon lunch for two table. There is something about a pretty table that makes the lunch, the snack, or the supper on the back porch seem nicer. 

I took a couple of pics, ok several, of this tablescape.  Since my move and the continual unpacking of boxes from storage I am rediscovering my old things. The wire vase was purchased years ago on Hilton Head Island. The lantern and greenery are recent walmart purchases from the garden section. The Italian Countryside plates and crochet cloth napkins are things I have had for several years. I am considering it a challenge to remix and reuse my old things. I like the concept of “shopping” my own collections. I have even considered having a party and inviting my girlfriends to restage my house using my rediscovered home décor objets. 

What do you think…would you attend a party like that? A party with sweet tea and snacks where you could wear your flip flops and hang out on the back porch with me?  I am thinking about it.
green tablescape
The breezes on our back porch are so soothing…even on a really hot day. Our back porch is shady in the afternoon, which makes it an even better spot for any kind of activity.
table for two
You have seen my green place mats before, and probably will again. I love spring/apple green.
The kids are on their own now…so it is just us for meals most of the time. We have come full circle. We started out as just the two of us in a graduate school two room apartment. We reared the children on about eighty acres  in a  large two-story brick Georgian  that we built.

Now, we are down to a three bedroom smaller house on one level. It is much easier to keep clean. It is much easier to heat and air condition. And…did I mention, it is on one level? All of these things plus two porches. These are all good things!
wire vase of flowers
wire vase and river rocks
lantern and wire vase
Have a great day!  

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My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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