June 13, 2014

In the Beginning...No Landscaping

In the Beginning...No Landscaping

When we bought our new house we had no steps, nor landscaping. 

We purchased the house in the fall of the year, and waited until the next spring to begin on  outside improvements.

 I told the landscaper that we would do the front first...to the applause of our neighbors I am sure, and then I would work on the back and sides. 

I do not have before pics...but just imagine no shrubs, no rocks, no flowers, etc. We began with a blank slate, which is good in some respects because I did not have to pull out anything before we began on the landscape plan.

This picture shows what we planted...in the beginning.
I love boxwood, but I know that dog's urine kills it. (there are neighborhood dogs who visit and my golden.) I had to choose some other plant varieties and just keep my fingers crossed.

My plan is to brick the steps...and then add had rails and banisters. This is a work in progress and I am looking forward to having everything the way I want it. (though what I want evolves! ha!)  I am getting some curb appeal though with this first phase of plantings. My front door is now a Charleston green color too.

People usually use mulch for planting beds, but several neighbors have used smooth river rock, and I like it. I love rocks and stone..and for this woodsy neighborhood, rocks in planting beds look appropriate.

The next few photos show the lawn and landscaping as of yesterday. A year makes a big difference. I was worried that I would loose many shrubs due to this past winter's freezing temps. I did loose a couple, but I am not sure what the reason is. Our landscaper is to come by and take a look.

Looking below, you can see the brick entry gate. I want to do plantings there too. 
All in good time. It is good to have plans and work on projects over time, and as the budget allows. Budgets really can cramp creativity. ha! My hubby would tell you that I have expensive tastes. I can
pick out the most expensive item in a shop without looking at price tags. It's just a gift. :-)

I am loving the lush look now.

Can you see my little wire fencing ?  I had to do it. I had to protect my new plantings from visiting and (one resident) dog. It was just a few days after planting that I figured out that I had to take this 

measure if I wanted my plants to live. I know...it is horrible. From the street the wire is not 
visible...but visitors to my front door sure see it. Boo hoo!

Once I have my porch railings up and my steps bricked I will be done with the front of the house (I think.)

We are so fortunate to have found this house, but mostly for finding this neighborhood. Some attend the same church as us. Everyone we have met is so nice and hospitable. To be in a neighborhood we have lots of space. We own just over an acre...and are not scrunched up against our neighbors.

 As I get older I am glad I am in a neighborhood instead of out in the country with my closest neighbor being several fields away. Funny how we think about things differently when we are older/empty nesters. While I was rearing my family I loved being out in the country. My kids were loud when they played outside. Motorbikes and Yelling. 

Life has seasons. I think I must be in the fall. I am trying to enjoy this new phase of life...and create a lovely, comfortable home.

I hope that my landscaping has given you some ideas.

Please come back when you have the time.

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My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


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