June 6, 2014

Finding Cake Stands and Baskets

This has been a busy Saturday!

We began by unloading the expedition which was packed with more things from our storage unit. I am determined to be done by the end of summer. Really I am.

After that, I headed to the front porch to work on my new urns and water the flowers. I popped old topiary forms into my urns to see how they would look. I need to plant some ivy to grow up the frame, then they will look nice.

 I also sprayed off the porch even though hubby told me that he had already cleaned up the dead birdie.  Do you see that little nest on the far end of the porch? Apparently the baby bird fell out...or tried to fly, but he was splattered on the porch. The poor mother bird was standing by her dead baby when I spotted them yesterday evening. Since I just can't do those types of clean up...hubby did. But like so many things he might clean around the house...it seems that I follow up sometime later. I sprayed and sprayed the porch to get rid of any possible lingering cooties.  (How long has it been since you heard that word? grade school?)

We live in a wonderful neighborhood of well manicured lawns, beautiful landscaping, and attractive porches. That means that the bar is high for me to keep things looking nice at my house. When I lived in the country with fields and pastures surrounding us...no problem if the grass gets a little high. And we were about seven hundred feet from the road...so the only ones who actually saw my yard were friends, the ups man, and the occasional cow that got out of his field.

To fill you in on some of the things that I got out of storage...I located yet two more baskets. Yes...I have too many. But they are so useful, don't you think. 
The larger one makes a great picnic basket since it has double handles.

My next group of items are fairly utilitarian but there is one very special cake plate in the mix. I remembered that the low cake plate came from hubby's mother....then he told me that she always put his birthday cake on that plate. I have been married to this guy for forty-one years as of June 9th....and he never told me that this was his birthday cake plate.  I am still learning things!

My small four cup percolator is a happy find. I think perked coffee still tastes better, even though we have one of those coffee makers that uses the little plastic cups.

I think that the birthday cake stand is so pretty. And now that I know the rest of the story, I love it even more. It is part of our family history.

Do you like my vase of flowers?
I will show you the trick to this arrangement below.
For this picture I boosted the "boost" in my photo editing program. HDRish.

I like "easy" small flower arrangements. And yes, I still use silks. Some people feel that silks are not nice because they are, well, artificial. True. But sometimes they are so handy for a quick little something. I pick up floral stems and vases whenever I see something I really like. Though I have enough for now and a long time into the future.

I washed these silks with just a couple of drops of dawn in a plastic tub. I just swished the flowers in the soapy water and then gave them a shower under the faucet. After they dried I put them back in the small sea foam green vase.

TaDa!..The stems are clean and ready to look pretty somewhere in the house.

After finding and cleaning everything that we brought to the house, I have to figure out where to put them. I have fewer cabinets and closets in the downsize. 
I am going to have to be creative and organized!

I am going to wrap up this evening post...and relax a little after this busy day.

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