June 17, 2014

Decorating with Yellows and Golds

Decorating With Yellows and Golds in my Home

I gave you all a color tour of greens in my house a few months ago. 
So, today I am showing you some yellows and golds in my house. 

I understand that brass might be a throw-back to another decade, 
but I have so much, and my house is still very traditional, and it is what I have. 
I am really trying to use the classic items I have instead of jumping into another style/mood at this time. I am trying to pull my items out of storage and see where they will fit in my current house. 

I have brass candlestick lamps as well as very nice Williamsburg candlesticks. 
Our previous house was a Georgian style...so now you understand better where my style asthetic comes from. I even had shades of yellow with white woodwork in that house. 
I have tried neutrals...but I start craving more color after time. 

Let me introduce you to Mr. Benjamin Moore. 
His Westminster Gold is my shade of gold/yellow at this time. 
Sometimes it looks a little pale. Sometimes it looks like a deeper gold. 
This brings me to the point where I want to mention that the color of a paint chip in the paint store and the color of a paint chip in your home can be very different. 
The color of your flooring has a big influence on how your wall paint will look. 
Light sand color carpet will affect the mood of the gold room, just as medium brown hardwood floors will affect the color. The number of windows in a room will affect how a color looks. 
Also...morning light and afternoon light affect how your wall paint will look. Same goes for fabrics.

In design class we were told that rooms which have morning light should be dressed in warm colors, while rooms that get the afternoon light should be dressed in cool colors. 
Of course this is not always possible. 
Believe me I know! 
But it makes sense that a family room or kitchen that gets afternoon light  is probably a warm room. Cool it down some with cool colors!

My kitchen and family room with the gold color happen to be in the east 
side of my house and get the morning sun. 
That is good! 
But the master bedroom that is in the same side if the house is a green with blue undertones. 
I love  the paint color. I love the drapes. 
And the room is not moving...so I have to break the rule. 

I have gold/yellow touches here and there. 
The coffee cup was my grandmother's.

The parlor is also Westminster gold...and it gets the afternoon sun. 
I am breaking the rule again...
but I had only one month between closingsto get the house move in ready.
I bought a sort of country green paint...two gallons of it,
but once it was on the wall we did not like it. 
A costly mistake! 
So I just told the painters to go with the gold here too. 
Maybe in time I will come up with another look and paint the dining and parlor. 

I had the white front door a midnight green...which really looks dark grey. 
The door will be re-painted black! Soon!

The new fabric for the shower also goes with Westminster gold.

Here is a larger color chip.

I love gold/yellow so much that I have a golden retriever. :-)

I have gold leaf mirrors and picture frames too. I hope it is not out of style! 

This is a good view of the paint.
We have found Westminster gold to be a very livable color.
Most people who come into our home seem to like it also.

(I have no personal association with Benjamin Moore. I just like the color.)
(My painters also liked the paint.)

Thanks for visiting.

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