June 4, 2014

A Small Purchase

A Small Purchase 

I was out with girlfriends one day and we stopped by an antique store. We 
were mostly browsing, but a few of us picked up some treasures. I bought two items...and neither were big purchases...money wise or size wise. 

Take a look at my Windsor bench above. Isn't it cute. The man at the antique store told me that it was old...according to the lady who gave it to his daughter. He offered it to me for five dollars. I took it, not knowing where it would go in my house. One more thing to dust...ha! Still, I had an attraction to it. I thought five dollars was ok, so I took it.  This next picture will give you a better size comparison next to Mikey, my golden boy. See...not too big.

I love Windsor chairs...in their various sizes and shapes. In fact my kids grew up eating at a round table circled with Windsor style chairs. They did eventually develop some wobbles.  We glued, etc. to try to extend their life. They eventually went with daughter to her post grad apartment.  Any way...I still like them, even though I have moved on to Queen Anne style chairs in the breakfast area.

At first I thought that maybe this little bench was for a doll...due to the small size. Then I remembered that I once had a tiny little dresser that was in fact a salesman's model. So, I wonder if this little Windsor bench might be a model for a regular size. I'll probably never know. Mikey sniffed at it...so it seemed to pass his security test. 

This little bench is detailed much like the regular people sized ones.

I think Mikey has had enough pictures. He is a patient fellow though.

Do any of you have miniature furniture? How do you display it? 

I keep my bench on top of a highboy. Yes, it collects dust. But I like it.

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My Kentucky Living

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