May 28, 2014

Wedding Season

June brides are probably in a dither right now working on last minute details. 
The excitement, the joy, the tears! 

Last year we had a May bride, with our daughter marrying in Lexington. Hubby and I hosted a small affair for family and friends at the Bodley Bullock House in the old part of Lexington. The bride chose a Sunday afternoon garden party ceremony and reception.  She wanted a relaxed, easy afternoon with family and friends. It was lovely. She was lovely. The day was lovely.

We had flowers to gather up after the reception...and upon returning home I lined them up on the dining table to enjoy them for a while. They were cut stems in water and were not arranged in such a way that they could be taken to share with hospital patients, etc. So, we enjoyed them at home for the few short days that they had.

I thought I would share the pics with you so you could enjoy the roses and peonies. The bride's color/s were pinks... From hot to pastel shades. She did something different with her bridal bouquet...and it was a cute surprise. I will reveal it below. 

Here is the practice bouquet...made from ribbons off of bridal shower gifts.

The real bridal bouquet...peonies and roses.

 The bride's hot pink match her bouquet! Things sure have changed since I was a just out of college bride. There were rules about things then! ha!

Buffet table flowers, were in a crystal bowls. 
The bride choose the flower mixture that she wanted.

Flowers on each guest table were in wrought iron stands...
(with clear glass vases to hold the flowers) to repeat the theme of 
scrolled iron on the gates in the garden. 

The arrangements are lined up like cancan dancers on my dining room table. 
My house had a wonderful fragrance for a few days.

I have a couple of more pictures to show you...
The bride chose a very simply designed cake from a baker in Lexington. 
The cake was raspberry, with an oh so sweet icing. 

The bride and groom on the top of the cake were 63 years old last year...They are the bride and groom that were on the wedding cake of the bride's grandparents (my parents.) They may have a chip or two...but sixty-two years of marriage and moving from house to house would earn anyone a chip or two. The bride and groom included many family touches in their wedding. The bride's rings belonged to her other grandmother who is no longer with us.  I am sure she is smiling about it.

Many of the bride and groom's friends were at the wedding...and were already married. So, instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride quizzed those married ladies in attendance as to who had been married the longest...(knowing that it would be her grandmother.)  The bridal bouquet was given to the grandmother, my mother. There was applause for the bride who had been married sixty-three years. She seemed pleased. 

If you are in the midst of wedding arrangements...
may your time be sweet, and filled with many special memories. 
And may you have the prettiest of flowers.

Thanks for visiting.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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