May 20, 2014

To Puddle or Not to Puddle…Drapery?

To Puddle or Not to Puddle…Drapery?

Welcome to My Kentucky Living. I am so glad that you dropped by for a few minutes. I am discussing the evolution of our house, and the kitchen specifically.

I brought several pairs of custom-made drapes with me from a former house. Window by window I have been retrofitting them to windows in the new house. 

My kitchen drapes were sized for an almost ten foot wide window, with a ten foot wall. My new house has a window that is about six feet wide and a nine foot wall. 

I measured, remeasured, did complicated math, and then figured I could use my old drapes. My old kitchen had the same color of paint as I have now (Benjamin Moore westminster gold) so there is no problem with color co-ordination. 

It took lots of steaming to get these drapes to hang smoothly again!

My son and hubby put up the nine foot curtain rod. I hung the drapes…the very wrinkled drapes. Keep in mind that they have been packed up for three+ years. With the help of a very good steamer I began steaming the yards and yards of fabric. Then I went behind the drapes to steam the lining. They were taking shape. In fact this new kitchen was giving me deja vu of the former kitchen. Same kitchen table. Same Queen Ann style chair. Same drapes. Same wall paint color. I liked it before…and I like it 

Now…here is another decision! Do I let the drapes continue to “puddle” on the floor or do I have then shortened? Look at some of the pics below to see how much is “puddling.” What do you think? I have looked all over blogland and you can find many that are fitted to the exact length, and many that have varying amounts of “puddled” fabric on the floor. My drapes are custom-made, quality drapes…and I do not want to do anything that makes them look less than beautiful. Think. Think. Think. :-)

Here is a general view of the dining area of the kitchen..with a peek at the drapes.
Here is a closer detail of the drapery fabric. The art prints came from over my kitchen sink area in my previous house. I still love black, gold, green, and yellow.

The lighting affected the quality of my photograph. So sorry. It is hard to shoot directly into a window. The light fixture is something we replaced just after we moved in.
The question remains about my kitchen drapes…to puddle or not to puddle?  What would you do?
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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