May 18, 2014

My Grandmother’s Dishes

Recently my mother gave me some dishes that belonged to my paternal grandmother. I do not remember them, I guess because they were her “good” dishes.  I do remember her Corning Ware dishes from the 1950s. The Corning factory was in Danville, Kentucky up through the 1970s (or later maybe) so many ladies had Corning everyday dishes.

But these dishes, that she did not use very much, were her good dishes. Still I have no memory of them. Being the first grandchild, I was in on lots of early experiences that my siblings didn’t have. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents…maternal and paternal. It was fun!  But I never saw these dishes.

For mother’s day hubby did lots of little things for me today, 
one of which was washing my packed up grandmother 
dishes….and do they sparkle! So, just for fun I pulled out 
place mats, cloth napkins, silverware, etc. and set the table. 
Just playing house!  Not all of the place settings are the same. 
I mixed up colors, patterns, and dishes to see which 
combinations I like.

The dishes are  white china with gold shafts of wheat. As you can see I placed them on gold woven place mats.
grandmother's dishesI also put the china on some black place mats to see how that 
would look. My kitchen is gold with green and black accents. 
The black mats are not as complimentary as the gold ones. 
That’s why we “play house” to see how things look before we 
have family or company in.
vintage chinaYes…definately the gold mats and napkins for these dishes. I 
always go for color you know.

wheat pattern vintage china
This coffee cup is interesting to me. I remember this exact shape being like my grandmother’s other dishes. For some reason I can just remember my grandfather drinking his coffee out of a delicate cup like this.
vintage coffee cup
Do any of you recognize this old pattern? These dishes could date from the 1950s when my grandparents bought a new brick ranch house and were furnishing it.
vintage china cup
wheat pattern china
This special set of dishes has six dinner plates, six salad plates, six fruit bowls, one serving platter, and one serving bowl. All of them are perfect except for one little chip on the large serving bowl.
more of grandmother's dishes
If any of you recognize this pattern please let me know. I do not know when my grandmother purchased them, or where she purchased them. If I had to guess I would say that she bought them in Lexington or Danville, Ky. But, I may be way off with that guess. In any event…they are barely used, so she saved them for “good” like we tend to do.
I am thinking that maybe I could use them around Thanksgiving, for a touch of sentimental memory. I could layer and mix my grandmother’s dishes with my Italian Countryside pattern…and stretch the six place settings to serve more people. They are not fancy dishes…but the fact that they belonged to my grandmother makes them extra special.
Thanks for stepping back in time with me.
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