May 25, 2014

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen finished! 

It took much longer than planned…but the updates worked out well.
To recap what we did in the kitchen...
We kept the original Mouser solid hickory cabinets. They are good cabinets! We put black iron pulls on the cabinets to go with the black pearl granite. 
Notice that we installed a full granite back-splash. I think that a matching back-splash gives a sleek look to the kitchen. Most people comment on the kitchen when they see all of the black granite. By not replacing the cabinets...I was able to go with a better grade of granite. 
 From there we installed all new stainless steel appliances. I love them!
Getting a granite installation in a kitchen that is in a house you are living in requires patience. The old countertops must come off for accurate measurements. Then it takes a little while for the stone to be cut for installation. I think our job stretched out for three weeks because of an issue with the stove.  Our guys wanted the range we were going to use to be in place before measuring. The first range had a dent. We tried to just reorder a part. (bla bla bla.) Long story short I had to get a different range for a quick install, so that the granite guys could come in and do their part. Any remodel has unforseen hitches to the time be sure you can go with the flow before starting.
I bought a new deep farmhouse stainless steel sink to be installed with the granite. My granite guys put it in and it is great. To top it off I had my plumber install a new tall faucet. My small kitchen is looking pretty good with these changes! 
I am thinking of having the cabinets painted and glazed too...but that would mean another decision. I think I will wait a little longer to make that decision.

The drapes are up now and the pictures too. 

I like my new kitchen. It is smaller, but so is our family. The children have gone and it is just us now. The downsizing is working for us.

Have a great day! Thanks for visiting.

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