May 20, 2014

Forsythia in Kentucky

Forsythia in Kentucky

This is a simple post, about the lovely forsythia.
I just love the splash of yellow that mature forsythia plantings show us in the spring.
We planted a single forsythia among our landscaping last spring…and something happened.
It did not survive the frigid Kentucky winter that we had this year. :-(
Spring forsythia
To satisfy my “need” for those beautiful yellow blooms this spring I found some very nice forsythia branches at…you won’t believe it…WalMart. These little treasures were like really nice florist branches…but they were from WalMart. Nothing cheap or spindly about these. I grabbed several to fill my green pottery vase…and if I had not told you…  would you believe these were real? I hope you say yes. :-)
 I know, there are issues about silk flowers, but I still use them.
My forsythia are in our entry.
They make me happy.
Let’s just leave it at that.
 I hope that my forsythia make you smile too.
spring yellow
spring yellow
yellow forysthia
I have had the basket on the floor for over twenty five years.
I cannot remember where I found the green vase…several years ago.
Both will probably make an appearance in some other place in the house at another time I like to change things up to make new and different vignettes around the house. Sometimes I take pictures to help me remember what I have made.
I took these pictures with my Canon DSLR and I edited them in Picasa. I used the “boost” color enhancer at a very low level to make the blooms pop a little more.
Thanks for visiting. Please come back when you can.
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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