May 31, 2014

Decorating challenge...The Hall

working on my Kentucky home

Working on My Kentucky Home

I am sure everyone has a decorating challenge or two in their home. I have one that has been making my brain and creativity work overtime. 

I have an angled space in a hallway that I have never seemed to get just right. 

I have tried various vignettes on the top of the sofa table...but I just look at it and think this is not working. 

One day last week I was determined to get a "look" that I could live with for awhile. So, I removed everything...and started playing house. I did not purchase a single I have too much anyway. Often we can redecorate by just shopping our own home/boxes.

Before pic. 

I have had many different things here...but I never have been satisfied with the look. Also...this can be a catchall spot.

I wanted to keep the slim table where it is due to space. Ok...let us begin moving things around. I have plenty of options and objects around the house, but I have not found the combination that works for me. 

Let's try again!

I took everything off of the table and brought in blue plates and silver.

It looks nice...but maybe this would be a better look for the parlor and dining room. This hallway is off of the great room, that has a more masculine and rugged look. I thought that maybe the blue plates  and silver were too dressy. 

I am just not sure. 

dressing up a table

View from the other direction.


Here is a closeup.

table vignette with blue and white plates

Not being sure about the blue and white plates...
I changed it up again.

I tried using some platters and ivy. 
Ok...I am liking this better.

table vignette with trays

serving trays

I think I finally have a vignette that I like. Wow, this is work! But this little hall space is the entry to the bedroom wing of the house. It just needed something. I'm sure you understand this process. It's just that sometimes it is harder than other times. 
decorating a hall

iron basket

filler for iron basket

Thanks for helping me. I think I can live with this look....until I get the feeling it needs to be changed again. :-)

The problem with moving a few things that it snowballs and then you have to make changes in other areas of the house. But that's ok. Just shop your house for "freebies" to update a room, a corner, or just a tabletop.

The pewter platters used to be on chests in the great room. Now I have to redo those vignettes. 
It never ends!

Here is what I moved onto one of the chests. Since this room has a collection of military items I though I would bring hubby's army flag into the room. 

military memorabilia

And here is the other chest. But...I am just not sure I like the way it looks. I will begin the process again one day soon no doubt.

Moving and rearranging...the life of a house!

Thanks for visiting. 
And, please come again.

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