May 18, 2014

A Kentucky Cherry Table

You know, family pieces are the best. That’s my story and I am sticking to it…though I have seen some really nice Kentucky antiques that would also make me very happy.

I am not sure when I first fell in love with old / early Kentucky furniture. I am not sure if it is the hand craftsmanship or the solid wood that attracts me.  

Cherry wood pulls at my heart-strings the most it seems, though I do like old mahogany quite a bit too.
When  we were in graduate school at the University of Louisville our apartment was a block off of campus on Third street. I would walk by the Speed Museum on a daily basis. Every once in a while I would go into the museum to browse the various items on exhibit. Short visits were a good way to absorb the interesting artifacts. There was one room I always went into first before going in another direction…The Kentucky Room. There were old, very valuable tables, chairs, paintings, memorabilia, and silver. I can still see that room in my mind. It was beautiful. ( I will talk about early Kentucky silversmiths in a future post.)

While I do not have any precious Kentucky antiques like the Speed Museum,  I do have a very special family table that came into my mother’s possession sometime in the 1970 s. This table was not a pretty sight she said. It had layers of paint and one rotten board. She took off the layers of paint, and found someone to replace the cherry board. Now I have the table to enjoy until it gets passed down to one of my children. By doing some quick math I am figuring it is over one hundred years old.

This weekend I had the idea to bring the drop-leaf table into our great room. I was not sure if it would be too large until I tried it in the new location. The catch was that I had to scoot a small chest out-of-the-way and then figure out where to put it.  Hubby helped me scoot both. We both agree that the old cherry drop-leaf looks good in its new location.  I put matching lamps and greenery on the table. All is underneath one of hubby’s historical prints.

The table came from my great great grandmother Riggins. The family story is that someone in her family was a carpenter and that this table was possibly made by him. That, and the exact date of the table’s construction will probably remain a mystery. As far as I am concerned it is special enough to reside in the Kentucky room at the Speed Museum. But I will keep it with me to enjoy every day. Take a look and see what you think. It is a simply made cherry drop leaf table. The legs are poplar…and there are wooden pegs instead of nails and screws. I just love it.
Look at the turned legs. Also, look below to see the wooden pegs instead of screws, nails, etc.

I hope you like my story about my lovely old family table. I just hope that successive generations of my descendants love it as much as I do. The provenance is special to my Kentucky family.
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