June 22, 2017

Let's Celebrate the 4th of July!

The "birth of our nation" celebration on July 4th is right around the corner. 

I love to see people flying flags and bunting around their house. And the fun of seeing kids decorate wagons and bikes for community parades is what also makes the 4th of July fun.

Often we don't think about the patriots/revolutionary war veterans who fought to make us independent from British rule. 

I have discovered a few more RW veterans in a couple of my ancestry lines, so that makes celebrating Independence Day important to me. I read of one ancestor who died at Valley Forge from the harsh winter conditions. Those patriots were standing up for their country and family. It could not have been easy. There is an interesting history of the Battle of Blue Licks (in Kentucky) if any of you are history buffs like me. 

Ok...on to my tablescape!

I have been working on a few patriotic ideas on my back porch for a "porch party." 

So...take a look and see if there are any ideas you would like to try. 

As required, I must disclose to you that some of the products used in my decor were provided by Oriental Trading. I am a brand ambasador, which means that they offer me products of my choice and I turn them into creative ideas. 

It has been raining this week...and it looks like it will be going on for a while longer. I decided to go ahead and photograph my tablescape anyway. I tried to lighten up the pics by editing them...but I apologize for the shaded look. My plan was to take my table out into the yard and create a picnik-scape. Oh well, we are friends here! I hope you still enjoy. 

For this tablescape I used a long folding table...which means that there is less tabletop space to play with. But I love these tables for casual dining. You can carry them to your porch, deck, patio, yard, or driveway. Mine came from Lowes several years ago. 

Let the layering begin!

I covered the table with a large red tablecloth first of all. I wanted to create a skirted look, plus I wanted the red color.

Next, I put a large "restaurant" quality polyester tablecloth on top. These are inexpensive. I found mine on Amazon. From what I understand the restaurant quality polyester resists stains. Always helpful!

For the next layer, I added two patriotic banners. Yes, these are actually banners (with grommets on each end) for hanging on your porch, on each side of your entry door, etc. When I saw them at Oriental Trading I immediately thought that they would make nice table runners. 

For the final layer, I added round blue straw-like placemats.

Oriental Trading has the cutest burlap covered chargers...and I had to have them. I wanted to try them for a casual table. Perfect for summer!

I topped off the place settings with simple white plates, Ball jars for beverages,  and napkins that co-ordinate with the table runner/banners. The napkins and Ball jars are from Oriental Trading also. 

For the centerpiece I had to choose something 
small. And I also needed two of something. :-)


I thought that maybe my two white pitchers would be just the trick to add a bit of an Americana vibe to this Independence celebration party. 

If you are interested in finding any of my Oriental Trading items (patriotic banners, Ball jars, burlap chargers, flags, paper napkins)  you can go to this link

The black lanterns are also from OT, back in the fall. But they still have them. 

I also ordered a few extra flags from Oriental Trading to place around the porch for that festive feel. In my opionion you just can't have too many american flags for a patriotic celebration. 

Even though my tablescape got rained out today...there will hopefully be sunshine by party time. It was pouring the rain while I was taking these pictures. ha ha! But...rain or shine, the blog must go on!

Until the next time...

June 20, 2017

Happenings Around My House

According to the calendar it is officially summer!  


I have been doing some small projects around the house and so I do not have any grand adventures to share with you. :-) But our lives are made up of accomplishing small things bit by bit most days. 

June 12, 2017

Random Silliness & Wisdom

I usually have a well organized post. 

Not today!  :-)

I am sharing bits of info that have come across my computer screen the last few weeks. I have been saving these to share with you

You will shake you head and say Yessss for some. You will raise your eyebrow for others. 

I don't have a source for all of these facebook/instagram bits of wisdom or silliness but enjoy anyway.  

Organizing for Your Lifestyle

I would venture to say that everyone could use some organization in their life. Whether it is one's closet or kitchen drawers, their being organized can make life less stressful. 

June 10, 2017

Preppy Fun Fashion

I have some flipflop fashion for you today. And who doesn't love clothes with which you can wear flipflops on the hot days of summer? Take a look at my fun summer dress. 

Preppy. Fun. Stylish. Just what I like for summer!

May 31, 2017

Summer Fashion, Dress It Up Dress it Down

Summertime...and the living is easy!
Time to plan some easy outfits for summer...

You may not have pieces exactly like mine but maybe they will spark an idea or two for planning your summer dressing. Look through your closet and see what you can put together. 

I often browse online catalogs for ideas,  and then think...I have similar pieces! 

Join me as I review my summer wardrobe and decide which clothes to take with me for a weekend away. And let me say...nothing in this photo shoot is new. Everything is from my closet! I am just mixing and matching. 

I am a fairly traditional girl who likes to dress simply/classically. I have tons of black in my wardrobe too. You will see me wearing black or bright colors most of the time. 

Funny how my home decor and my wardrobe mirror each other style wise. 

This Jessica Howard polka dot dress is easy care and packs well. I can wash it in a sink or gentle care cycle of the washer. You cannot beat that. Great for traveling with a walk on the beach, flipflops included. Yes...I have some black flipflops with white polka dots. :-) 

I love this little dress because I can dress it up or dress it down by changing my shoes. From sandals to pumps to flipflops. I love versatile clothing. 

You know me...gotta have some kind of pearls. These are fashion beads from Talbots  a few years ago. They are a long strand that I can loop around three times or wear long.

I usually have a summer sweater with me for air conditioning or out in the cool evening air. 

Here are my accessories! 

I plan an outfit much like the way I plan a room from scratch. I lay everything together to see how well the pieces work together. 

The bracelet is an Alice Eve creation...made by a friend of mine in Lexington. She has a website as well as having several boutiques in Lexington that carry her pretty things if you are interested. Just google Alice Eve jewelry.

Jessica Howard still has dresses make like this one...sleeveless, waist, and full skirt. I see them online from time to time. I noticed that Ralph Lauren also has a couple of black and white polka dot dresses this summer. 

I often forget what I have in my closet and how to put the pieces together. :-) I have to go through my clothes from time to time and create "outifts" to hang at the ready. 

If I can have three or four dress and casual outfits ready to go then I can get out the door faster when something fun comes along. I just hate to try on three or four tops to figure out what looks best.

I love pretty clothes and fashion...but what I choose these days must make my mom body look good, or at least help my mom bod! I am short and not as slim as I used to be. ha ha. Raise your hand if this is you too. 

Wedding Bells...💒    

I am going to sneak and show you a picture of the couple. Son is very private and has no desire to be on his mother's blog...but you have been along this wedding planning journey with me. This is an engagement picture taken with the Daniel Boone National Forest in the background. My son loves the outdoors and his state of Kentucky. I find this pic to be so appropriate for him. The farm on which the pics were taken has been in the bride's family since the original Revolutionary War Service Land Grant. Pretty Cool. And let me mention that his fiancée is such a sweetie. We just love her. 💕

We are on the final stretch for son's wedding, and I am beginning to pack my dresses. If you don't hear from me for a few days don't worry. I shall be back! 

I post on Instagram every day...so check in there to see what I am up to in the mean time. I will hopefully have some fun "phone" pics of the wedding next week. (Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can see some recent Instagram pics.)

Come rain ☔☔☔ or come shine ☀☀☀... 
Let's get these kids married! (We are nervously watching the weather reports as rain has been predicted for Saturday.) 

Until the next time...

sniff. sniff.