April 27, 2017

Let's Talk Fashion Today

Summer Mix of Clothing and Accessories
You know, it is that time of the year when I  get into my closet and organize. I have to see what fits, what I like, what needs to go, etc.

April 23, 2017

So Many Pretty Tables!

I have been all over pinterest and the internet in general looking at pretty table designs trying to decide what I want to do for our son's rehearsal dinner.

Simple and Elegant.

April 20, 2017

Visiting Louisville

Fun Things to Do In Louisville Besides the Derby!

At this point on the calendar everyone is gearing up for the first Saturday in May, Derby Day. 

Some may be prepping for a fun Derby party at home and others may be packing their bags to head to Louisville. 

April 17, 2017

Setting the Stage

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend. Our daughter in Lexington hosted the family this year. She had some delicious recipes that I hope to share. I am especially thinking of her roast pork loin and pecan pie. Both were just delicious. I should have been thinking ahead and taking pics for the blog. ha ha. 

Now...on to what I did a few days ago. As you know we purchased a new cocktail table for the great room a few months ago. 

April 14, 2017

Happy Easter!

I have been playing with bunnies and eggs for a few weeks...and here is a look back at some of the tablescapes I have created. 

Kitchen Table Love

Sometimes my kitchen table becomes a forgotten workhorse loaded with projects. A pile of mail. Hubby's laptop and notepad. And various things that do not belong on the kitchen table! Before you know it you have a mess and it is only noon!

Does that happen to you? 

Well... I looked at my table and thought something has to be done! 

My table needed a little love. 

Nothing fancy...but something pleasant and simple instead of a mess.

I decided that a simple farmhouse sort of look is just what I needed for this refresh. 

My bowl and tulips remained on the table. 

Then I simply added some chunky candlesticks and placemats...and I felt better. 

It only took a few minutes to put things away...and pull out candles and mats. But it made a huge difference in my kitchen. It's sort of like making the bed in the morning. That simple act makes the room look so much better. 

Here are a few pictures...because I like to snap and play with my camera. I love to play with light and angles. 

 I love to play with light and angles. 

Near focus and far away focus. It's just fun to play. My love of photography is what prompted me to begin my blog, and buy a better camera a few years ago. 

I have lots to learn...but I love to practice, practice, practice. 

The lesson of this post (for both of us) is when you have a mess on your kitchen table...it only takes a few minutes to wrangle the mess and transform your table into a pretty spot for a cup of tea or coffee. You just have to "do it." ha ha. 

Thank you so much for stopping by for a few minutes. 
I appreciate your friendship so much!