October 11, 2017

Around the House

I have been having fun doing fall decorating projects around the house. These little projects are adding some fall color to the atmosphere. 

Take a look at a few things I have done around the house. I hope that you see an idea or two that you can use. 

A fall evening by candlelight

October 3, 2017

The Beauty of Fall's Rustic Elegance

No matter your design style, fall is a time when you can add a bit of rustic in your home. 

I always look forward to foraging for natural elements for my centerpieces. 
But sometimes I use faux. :-)

I happened upon this small metal tiered tray in a local gift shop and decided to give it a pretty makeover with some fall bits and pieces.

I started with some twig pumpkins, acorns, and sprigs of boxwood. Then I added in a couple of silk fall leaves for color. 

This metal tray has a fun finish. 

It makes one think of a galvanized metal but it is not. It has a painted finish with gold/brass highlights. 

There is a brass knob at the top of the post for just a touch of elegance.  

I like the galvanized pieces that are so popular right not...but they are too rustic for my house. But this finish works. 

I began a layering process...in this order. Greenery. 
Bird's nest. 

I put two pumpkins on the bottom layer for visual weight, with the third pumpkin on the top layer. 

To me, fall decorating is about texture and color. 

The faux acorns came from Hobby Lobby last year. They most likely have them this year also. 

The twig pumpkins came from my local Hobby Lobby this year.

The boxwood sprigs are also "faux." ha ha. 
They are nice aren't they. 

I purchased a boxwood bush from the same gift shop where I found the tiered tray. Nanwood Market, a gift shop in Columbia, KY. 

And there you have it. :-) Easy peasy! 

I keep all of my fall bits from year to year in a bin in the basement. 

Every year I go basement diving to gather my accessories and come up with new and different arrangements/centerpieces. 

I guess I am recycling! Yay!

Stay tuned for part 2...I already have another arrangement in my head for you. 

I will recycle my tray several times through the holidays to show how you can make one decor purchase but use it several ways. 

Fun. Fun. Fun.  

See you in a few days! 

My Creepy Halloween Tablescape

Welcome to my Halloween Tablescape! 

I created a fun, colorful, and at the same time creepy tablescape for this fun time of the year. 

 I hope my table gives you come ideas!

September 26, 2017

Keeping It Simple in the Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen today.

I have had fall on my mind and what I could do to bring some fall color into the kitchen. After cleaning the countertops and arranging this and that I came up with a simple look. 

We did a mini remodel in the kitchen after we moved in and I chose black granite tops and splashes. I considered white subway tile, but I wanted a clean look. The black gives me easy cleanup and a bit of drama. 

The large Italian bowl stays in the plate holder because it is too large to fit into my cabinets...so I decided to bring my white decorative bowl/planter to play with it. 

Since I do not have an arrangement for the bowl yet I added a simple faux boxwood ball. 

Then one little orange pumpkin hopped into the scene. 

Voila! A simple little still life. 

I played with a couple of other looks but I did not want too much clutter since this is to the left of the range.

These are the original cabinets in the house. They are solid hickory...but with a factory white paint. While they are not my first choice we decided to keep them since they are actually very nice custom made solid wood. 

They are sort of country/farmhouse looking but I think that the black granite lends a more sophisticated style. 

I put the black pulls on the cabinets after the granite install. Now I am thinking I might prefer something different. It is always something. ha ha. Always tweaking this or that. But it is fun. :-)

I collect tea towels...and my mother gave these gorgeous linen ones to me for my birthday. They are from a new shop in Columbia, Ky...called Nanwood. If you are in the area try to visit them for something special for your home, or for a gift. 

Another angle with a previous decor idea that I nixed in favor of the one simple small pumpkin (above.)

The dining area gets spruced up a bit more...with new amber placemats  and a centerpiece of white pitchers. 

With my white kitchen I tend to pick up white cups, serveware, etc. I love country English style...and try to support that with details. 

In the corner under the retriever lamp is a small pine chest. I hope to make my kitchen table look like that finish. My old table needs to be sanded and refreshed after almost twenty years. 

I brought my drapes from previous house.  I could not remember the brand of the fabric...but some of the designers on Instagram told me that the fabric is Scalamandre.

Our kitchen is a modest one...but our dining table with view make it worth a million bucks. We have privacy, trees, and grass. This nook is a wonderful place to hang out. 

We have talked of ripping out the kitchen one day and starting from scratch...but I do not know if I have that strong a desire to change things. :-) 

Another image of our view. The leaves have begun falling so eventually it will be bare back here. boohoo!

I may tweak a few more things in the kitchen this fall, but for some reason I am into keeping my fall decorating simple this year. 

Of course...I could change my mind later. I do that sometimes. ha ha. 

Until the next time...

September 19, 2017

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